01. My car usually [stalls] when I stop at a traffic light.
02. People who aren't used to driving a standard often [stall] when stopping at a light or when changing gears.
03. It really scares me if I [stall] the car on a hill because I'm afraid of rolling backwards.
04. Traffic on the highway is backed up due to a [stall] in the tunnel.
05. The engine will [stall] if you aren't careful.
06. The peace process has been [stalled] by the leaders' unwillingness to compromise on a number of key issues.
07. The economic recovery has been [stalled] by an increase in interest rates.
08. The cashier tried to [stall] the robber until the store security guard arrived.
09. My presentation isn't quite ready; see if you can [stall] the teacher while I just get a few things organized.
10. We got some beautiful cherries at a fruit [stall] by the road.
11. Some animals in factory farms spend their lives confined to concrete [stalls] and metal cages, terrified and suffering in such unnatural conditions.
12. The market features a number of [stalls] selling organic produce.
13. There is a Danish proverb which observes that one poor horse is better than an empty [stall].
14. Economic growth in Mongolia improved in 1997-99 after [stalling] in 1996 due to a series of natural disasters, and declines in world prices of copper and cashmere.
15. Market [stalls] in Haiti are tended almost completely by women.
16. The calves are kept in tiny [stalls] that are so small they can hardly move, and then are slaughtered for food.
17. Economic reform in Bangladesh is [stalled] in many instances by political infighting, and corruption at all levels of government.
18. All the hotels in this brochure have private bathrooms (with tubs or shower [stalls]), and include breakfast in the cost.
19. International talks on global warming have [stalled] as world leaders have been unable to reach an agreement.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

, , / (as in a stable), , , (as in mire), , / (where things are sold), , , / (for a dignitary in the choir of a church)

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